NFL Odds – Saints Defense must step it up on the Super Bowl

Last Sunday’s NFC Championship was one of the most exciting conference championships we’ve seen in a long time. Not only was the score close and the game went into overtime but both teams executed a very high level –except for the Saints pass defense.

This has been the team’s weakness all year and could cost the team the Super Bowl if this unit doesn’t get its act together. Everyone knows that the Saints pass defense is among the worst in the NFL betting lines (ranked 26th, 235.6 ypg). That in and of itself should be a bit worrisome for a team that will be facing one of the greatest QBs in the NFL odds and an offense that is second in the league in passing (278 ypg).

The Colts are coming off an almost perfect 377-yard 3 TD passing performance in the AFC title online betting game. And coming off a game in which the pass defense gave up 310 yards passing the Saints pass defense is looking like a whipping boy. But don’t forget the Saints secondary also sealed the deal in the NFC championship game by intercepting Favre’s last pass of the game and forcing overtime.

And that has been this units forte all season long. It may give up yards but it also second the league in INTs and is among the best at returning INTs for TDs. There should be little doubt the Saints are going to give up a lot of yards in the passing game to Manning and Co., but it must also make sure it takes advantages of any Manning mistakes and must cause turnovers if it’s going to win the Super Bowl.

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