NFL Odds – The Quest for 16-0: …and then there was one

Indianapolis ColtsIt didn’t seem possible. Sure, there had been some close calls throughout the season, some last minute come from behind wins, but the New Orleans Saints teams seemed like they were the best team on the field every time they took the field. And even more than that, it seemed as though they were a team of destiny, incapable of losing.

But the Dallas Cowboys proved otherwise in a sensational NFL betting lines victory over the 13-0 Saints in the Superdome no less.

This is a monster win for Dallas after the whole entire betting line universe has been over eager to predict another December collapse for a talented but perennial under achieving team. Now, how ‘bout them Cowboys?

The Saints quest for the record books and the perfect regular betting odds season is now over. But the team is probably better off for losing. A perfect record in the regular season means almost nothing. Just ask the 2007 New England Patriots.

But with the drama over the 16-0 mark finally over the Saints can throw aside all the distractions that come with such a thing and focus on winning. And that’s something they are very good at. Don’t forget this team is still the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

The Indy Colts are now the only undefeated team in the league and will twice the pressure now as they did before. But if history is any kind of guide the 16-0 mark doesn’t mean all that much to the Colts who would rather have a Lombardi Trophy than a record. As such, it’s possible we not see any 16-0 teams this season.

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