NFL Odds – Vikings – Saints Betting Lines

It’s been a long time coming, 34 years in fact, but the Minnesota Vikings will once again be crowned NFC Champions this season. It’s taken one legendary QB (Brett Favre) to get this franchise back to the hallowed ground that it last achieved under its last legendary QB (Fran Tarkenton).

Obviously the Vikings still have to get past the New Orleans Saints in this week’s sports betting action. Not only are the Saints one of the best teams in the NFL odds with the best offense in football, but they’re also 4 point favorites and playing at home in perhaps the noisiest stadium in NFL wagering. Matter not, the Vikings will win.

Minnesota will succeed where many other teams have failed for one simple reason: the pass rush. The games that New Orleans ahs struggled in this season have been games where Drew Brees has struggled. As one of the top QBs in the league Brees rarely has an off-game. But if you can pressure him, as the Cowboys, Panthers, Redskins and other teams did this season his numbers drop precipitously and so do the Saints chances of winning.

There aren’t many, if any, teams that can beat the Saints right now, but the Vikings are at the top of the list of teams capable of pulling off such a feat. Minny’s 48 sacks were tops in the betting lines this season and the team’s 6 sacks last week against the Cowboys are an awfully good indication of what this team can do. If the defense plays as well as it did last week the Vikings will be going to Miami.

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