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August 8th, 2010 by

new york jets For anyone that thought the New York Jets’ defense was tough in the 2009 NFL betting action here’s a scary thought: the Jets defense will be even better in the upcoming 2010 NFL betting odds. In the up and down world of the NFL betting action where there is constant turnover and teams can go from the best to worst in just a few games or they can have an offseason. It can be difficult to try and predict how teams will perform from one year to the next especially when you have to try and figure injuries and things like that into the NFL betting equation.

But on paper this Jets defense has the potential to completely alter the NFL odds balance of power in the upcoming 2010 NFL betting season.

Last year this Jets’ unit, led by the heaviest coach in the NFL odds Rex Ryan, was the best in the league. It gave up just 14.8 ppg allowed just 98.6 yards rushing per game and held teams to an unbelievable 153.7 yards passing per NFL betting contest. Its league low 252.3 yards per games was tops by a margin of 32 yards. To sum it up, this defense was by far the best in the NFL betting action.

And it got even better in the NFL odds offseason with two key acquisitions. First, the team acquired CB Antonio Cromartie from the Chargers and instantly made this secondary the best in the NFL betting action. Cromartie can’t tackle but he won’t need to. All he needs to do is make sure he sticks on his man in single coverage, something he is more than adept at doing forcing the opposing QB to hold the ball just a split second longer and giving the Jets pass rushers just enough time to bury passer.

That’s where the Jets’ second key acquisition comes into play. Jason Taylor, the Dolphins veteran should have a banner year with the Jets in the upcoming NFL betting action. His only function will be to sack the QB. He can forget about covering sweeps and runs off tackle and focus squarely on the QB, which has always been his strong suit. He’s lost a step, no doubt, but with Ryan blitzing almost every single game his instinct and talent should be enough to get him 15 sacks this season.

Despite the Jets QB woes, this defense is good enough to win a Super Bowl by itself.

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