What are the NFL Odds as to their not being NFL Football in 2011?

March 8th, 2011 by

Peyton ManningThat’s a really good question! But if the NFL and the NFL Players Association do not reach a collective bargaining agreement soon that could happen! Many people ask why they are not able to reach an agreement. Basically the NFL Owners and the NFL Players Association are disputing several items of their bargaining agreement.

The largest item they are discussing is the best way to split the revenue which is anticipated at nine (9) billion dollars. The agreement ready to expire would allow the owners a one billion cut of the top and the owners want to increase that amount to two billion before any money is dispersed to the Players Association.

In addition the NFL Owners want to increase the number of regular season games from sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) and lowering the number of preseason game by two games. The problem here is that if the season is extended then the NFL Players Association will want improved health care benefits and improvement of the NFL retirement plan.

An issue that the NFL owners are very adamant about is that they want to reduce or set a limit on the salaries of rookies with a wage scale for rookies that would limit the amount rookie placers can receive as well as limit the time for which unproven rookie players can sign contracts.

The last time the NFL had a lockout was back in 1987 there was a player lockout that resulted in the season being reduced from 16 games to 15 games. The fourth thru the sixth weeks of the season were played with substitute or as they called it, replacement players. Many fans were very upset with these games and the replacement players and called the games the “unwatchables.”

At least it presently appears that both sides are interested in a new agreement, but when and how is the important question. The Owners and the Players have had seven consecutive day negotiating before federal mediators and those talks ended last Thursday 02/24/2011 and are to resume on Tuesday 03 01 2011! The basic outcome thus far as stated by the Chief Federal mediator George Cohen that the sides had both made progress but some strong difference remain!

Now it will be interesting to see the progress between now and this Thursday when the contract expires and what happens with the draft and free agency and will we be looking and NFL Odds at the SBGGlobal.com sportsbook in 2011?

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