Online Betting – Colts aiming for a perfect 23 on the NFL Odds

According to the football online betting statistics, at least in the wins and loss column the Jags seem to be a decent team and if the playoff were to start today Jacksonville would be playing in them. But what the wins and loss column doesn’t reveal is that the Jags have the easiest schedule in the universe and exactly zero wins on the NFL odds over a quality opponent. In fact the Jags biggest win of the season was a squeaker over the 6-7 Houston Texans.

That’s why Indy doesn’t have much to worry about in the team’s Thursday night online football betting matchup. But that doesn’t mean that Indy is a lock to win this NFL odds either.

There are several key variables that could lead to a Colts loss. The first would be coaching staff resting its start players since the Colts have already wrapped up the division a first round bye in the bet on football playoffs and home field advantage.

The second wildcard here is the short preparation week. With only two days of practice anything can happen.

Lastly, this is a division rivalry game and no matter what the respective records might be Jacksonville generally plays the Colts close. Familiarity breeds contempt and it also gives the Jags an advantage in game planning as they Peyton Manning twice a year.

That being said, the Colts are obviously a superior team. Manning should be able to pick apart a very bad Jags defense and the defense should be able to keep the Jags from too much scoring. Expect the Colts to do just enough to win and the Jags to lose at home.

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