Online Betting – Jets at Colts NFL Odds

The Indianapolis Colts have one of the more intriguing defenses in the league. It’s not a team that will pound opponents to death, it doesn’t have a lot of speed, but it has two things that are very important: speed and quickness. In fact, the defense of this squad is almost an exact mirror of the offense and it will have a very difficult task in Sunday’s betting line competition: shutting down the number one run game in the NFL odds.

The Colts’ defense against the powerful running game of the Jets (172 yards per game) isn’t exactly a dream matchup for Indy fans. New York has arguably the best offensive line in sports betting with three pro-bowl caliber players on the line.

They are accustomed to man-handling even the best defensive fronts they face and against the Colts they will have a major weight a strength advantage. But that’s where the Colt’s strengths come into play. This defensive unit is small up the middle but extremely quick. Linebackers and ends strike quickly and can be elusive to block.

Still, the results have been mixed against the run for Indy. During the regular season this unit was pretty bad giving up 126.5 yards per game on the ground, 23rd in the league. But last week against a similar style of power running, the Colts held the Ravens to just 87 yards rushing when it mattered most in online betting.

Still, the major difference between the Jets running game and the Ravens running game is that the Ravens rely on the skill of their backs to break tackles while the Jets depend on the their hawgs to blow defenses off the ball thereby creating holes for the backs. That is not a great prospect for the smaller D-line of the Colts.

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