Online Betting NFL – Super Bowl Online

There is no group of homo sapiens on this mud ball that spend more time and resources dissecting football match ups than online betting NFL gurus and odds makers. And the closer that the Super Bowl online matchup gets the more they like the chances of the Indy Colts. And who are you to argue with the online betting NFL experts and their Super Bowl online predictions.

The Colts are indeed the better team and they will indeed capture a second Super Bowl online title in four years. The biggest reason for the Colts victory is no secret and you hardly need to be an online betting NFL guru to know that Peyton Manning is an unstoppable weapon.

On his way to the big game Manning led the Colts to a regular season record of 14-2 and arguably could have led the team to an online betting NFL record of 16-0. In the playoffs he vanquished on the best defense in the NFL in the Ravens and then, for good measure, picked apart the best defense in the online betting NFL competition (NY Jets).

The New Orleans Saints defense is bad. It ranks 26th in pass defense and gives up nearly as many points as the New Orleans Hornets. Think what Manning might do to this group in the Super Bowl online competition considering what he’s done against much better defenses. Sure the Saints are scoring a million points a game in the playoffs (38 ppg, actually) but the Colts speedy defense matches up very well with the saints multiple receiver passing schemes and will hold the Saints to modest score while Peyton goes to work dissecting the Nawlins’ secondary.

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