Ravens have fallen off the tracks

October 16th, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

After jumping out to a 3-0 start and looking like the best team in the NFL betting lines the Baltimore Ravens are now simply trying to stay above .500. After a tough loss on the road to the Pats and devastating loss at home to the division rival Bengals the team is in very real danger of dropping to 3-3 after this week’s monumental challenge versus Brett Favre and the Vikings at the Metrodome. The swift reversal of fortunes begs the question: what the hell happened? How did things do so bad, so quickly?

One element of the collapse that has been out of the Ravens’ control is the quality of competition the team has faced of late in the NFL betting lines. New England on the road, Cincy, and Minnesota are all top tier teams and not easy wins. That in itself accounts for as much of the Ravens’ trouble in the NFL lines as does the team’s play.

In fact there really hasn’t been all that much of a drop off from the Ravens it’s just that the competition has been playing better. The offense is still scoring at a rabid pace with Joe Flacco and the passing game flying high and Ray Rice and Willis McGahee both averaging over five yards a carry in the NFL betting odds competition.

The D has also come up with some scoring, it’s simply been a matter of facing very good teams just coming up short. Rest assured the Ravens are still a tough team.

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