Saints on a Mission

There should be little discussion as to which the best team in football is; at least in New Orleans. Football fans in the Big Easy will emphatically tell you that their home town team is the best in the NFL betting lines and after the recent dismantling of the previously undefeated New York Giants who could argue.

Heading into that game there are many NFL betting lines pundits who predicted the Giants defense roughing up Brees and the passing attack. Instead, it was exactly the opposite that took place.

Everyone knows the Saints have a high octane passing game and against the Giants it certainly shined. But the two most impressive things that the Saints can take away from the win and the two things that make this team arguably the best in the league is the fact that the defense was physical and very effective and the team was also able to run the ball.

In recent years these two elements of the game were absent whenever the Saints played in NFL lines competitions. But with the addition of Greg Williams as the D coordinator and integrating new backs into the running game the Saints have become a much more balanced and much improved team.

After six weeks of football the Saints are one of the few undefeated teams remaining and probably the most impressive to date. There defense is superb and their offense maybe the best in the NFL.

This is not a team you want to bet against in the NFL betting odds right now.

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