Santonio Holmes trades reverberates through NFL Draft

Whether it was a brilliant or an insane move by Pittsburgh Steelers to trade away former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes matters little now but you can be sure that that move will have a major impact on the upcoming NFL Draft.

The move came as just the latest in an NFL betting off season that has seen many an interesting move. The McNabb trade to Philly comes to mind as does the Delomme signing in Cleveland. But neither of those moves will likely have as big an impact on the upcoming draft as the Steelers moving Holmes this NFL betting lines offseason.

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According to NFL lines betting experts the McNabb trade will have one major effect in the Skins are now very unlikely to take QB in the first round of the NFL draft. But its more probable that new coach Mike Shannahan didn’t felt there was a QB after top pick Sam Bradford that graded out as an NFL draft first round pick and the team was always more likely to take an OT with its first pick.

By dealing Holmes the Steelers create two very big possible pick changes in the upcoming NFL draft. Pittsburgh now has a gaping hole at WR, a position that before this major NFL betting trade no one thought the team would be addressing this NFL draft. But the team will have to think seriously about taking a WR with their first pick. Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State is the top rated NFL betting prospect at this position and the Steelers would love to see him fall to them at the bottom half of the first round.

The Jets, by acquiring Holmes have availed themselves of needing to try and grab a top receiver in the draft and can now focus on other positions.

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