SBG Global Scam make believe

October 5th, 2010 by

sbg global sportsbookDo people have nothing better to do than spread lies about a reputable sportsbook? There continues to be posts about a so-called SBG Global scam. It goes back more than a year in regards to a wager that was already settled between the customer and SBG. People still find time to talk about it though.

When you find a solid sportsbook you really don’t like to hear negative things about them, especially when they are untrue. SBG Global has been around for over 15 years providing great lines and customer service. As a long-time sports bettor who has used SBG, I can say that they have fair lines and I get paid. That is all that matters. I looked at the posts on the forums and couldn’t find anything but attacks against SBG.

One of the wagers in question is a Formula 1 futures wager that goes back over a year. Reading through the posts you can see that the wager was settled, yet people still talk about it. They must have nothing better to do. Some forums are simply a way for people to attack sports books and that is sad. People that read these forums have no way to know what is happening. The facts are that SBG settled the wager and moved on. That is what a quality sportsbook does.

Another of the forum posts goes into SBG’s purchase of BetRoyal and Sports-Gambling. If a quality sportsbook wants to purchase another company then it is good news for the bettors. It happens all the time in the business world and sportsbooks are no exception.

Forums are a place where people can post anything whether it is true or not. It is unfortunate that SBG has been attacked regarding issues that have been settled long ago. Companies that have been around for as long as SBG with a reputation for excellent in the sportsbetting industry are rare. When you read forum posts you have to judge the truth and that is sometimes hard to do. What you can do is look at the reputation and longevity of a company and with SBG that is easy to see.

The bottom line on the SBGGlobal scam thing is that there is no scam. It is an attempt to smear a quality sportsbook with a long-term reputation of excellence. Quality sportsbooks survive smear campaigns and SBG is a quality book that continues to service their customers as they always have.

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