So Who’s the Super Bowl Favorite? NFL Odds

We’ve all heard the hoopla over the quest for the perfect season and now that only one team remains perfect with just two games left on the schedule the noise will no doubt intensify. But the real prize still remains the Lombardi Trophy and the question that everyone in the football world is asking is: Who’s gonna win the damn Super Bowl?

Going by record alone the clear sports betting favorite in week 16 is the Indy Colts, a team that is 14-0 and has a couple of walk-throughs remaining on the schedule (Jets 7-7 and Bills 5-9). But what a lot of people forget is that the Colts have had one of the easiest schedules in pro football this season. The team’s biggest win has been at home against a decent Pats team or a squeaker against the Ravens; hardly marquee victories.

The Saints (13-1), of course have to be in the discussion after compiling the best start in franchise history and dominating on both sides of the ball. Another NFC team with a great betting lines record is the Vikings, who at 11-3, and a dominating run game and defense can beat any team on any given Sunday.

The Chargers are probably the only other team in this Super Bowl betting odds discussion and just might be the best of the bunch. This team has quietly rattled off nine straight wins after starting the season 2-3 and beaten some very good teams along the way.

Based on what we’ve seen so far this season you gotta like the way a New Orleans-San Diego Super Bowl match up looks with San Diego getting the win.

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