Sports Betting – Browns at Chiefs NFL Odds

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In sports betting there is not much good to say about the Cleveland Browns (2-11) or the Kansas City Chiefs (3-10) this season. Only one game separates these teams in terms of mathematical futility and the best that either one can hope for as the 2009 NFL schedule winds up is good draft position. Both teams did knock off the defending Super Bowl champ Steelers, but that means little in this match up.

Anyway you look at this NFL sports betting contest it’s ugly. Neither team has any offense or defense and their respective signature win of the season was more a testament to the Steelers playing terrible football than either team doing much right. On offense the Browns are the third worst in the NFL odds (12 ppg) and the Chiefs fifth worst (15.8 ppg). On defense the Chiefs are fourth worst in the NFL odds (26 ppg) while the Browns are only eight worst (24 ppg).

When you add the chance for frigid temperatures to the mix the quotient for terrible football is even greater. Not that anyone cares, but the betting line on this one favors the home team Chiefs by 2 ½ points. Obviously that’s based simply on the location of the game and not the nuts and bolts.

It’s very hard to say who will this match up but why not go against the grain and pick the Browns to mix things up a bit? The team did sack Big Ben eight times last week and if they keep that kind of pressure on Matt Cassell that should equate to a road win.

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