Sports Betting – Colts lost the game as much as the Saints won it

Sunday’s Super Bowl may have been the cleanest game in the long and sordid sports betting history of the world’s biggest game. There was hardly a penalty, hardly a turnover only a few punts and for the most parts these two teams executed extremely well, as well as two teams have ever executed in the Super Bowl Stats.

And when the final whistle finally blew the Saints were the Super Bowl stats victors 31-17. But it’s hard to say that they won the game so much as the Colts lost it. With all due respect to the Saints, for this team deserves all the credit in the world for its recent sports betting victory, but the Colts had this game in the bag and then made a series of costly errors which gave the Saints the opportunity to seize the sports betting moment and clinch the Super Bowl stats title.

The game had only 8 penalties for a combined 64 yards. And amazingly, there was only 4 punts in the game as both offenses executed at a very high level. But the stat that broke the Camel’s back in this game was the lone turnover in the Super Bowl stats, a 4th quarter INT returned for a pick-six by the Saints. The INT sealed the deal but there was several key errors on the part of the Colts that put the Saints in that position to succeed in the sports betting.

Late in the second quarter the Colts, the team with arguably the greatest QB in sports betting history behind center, ran three consecutive times failing to gain a fourth down and punted the ball to the Saints who would kick a field goal. The Colts were also at fault on the onside kick in the third quarter as their upbacks (Hank Baskett included) on the left side were dropping back to block early and weren’t even looking at the ball as it was kicked. That was all the opportunity the Saints needed.

  1. John
    February 11th, 2010 at 15:49 | #1

    I disagree with the points on the 2 turnovers. Both were caused by the Saints, with some help from the Colts, but the Saints should be given credit on both the interception and the recovery of the onside kick. The Colts are given more credit than they deserve because Manning is so good, just to opposite for the Saints and Brees is just as talented as Manning. Depending on who the Saints are able to sign next year, I think the Saints will beat them again it they meet.

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