Sports Betting – Saints look to go 14-0 NFL Odds

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Before this season there had only been two teams in the long and illustrious history of the NFL to start a season with a record of 14-0. So you can hardly make too big of a deal of the fact that there is a very good chance that there could be two teams in this season alone to match that mark –or best it. The Colts are 14-0 and the Saints can become the second team in the 2009 sports betting season to achieve that mark with a win over the Cowboys on Sunday.

But will it happen.

The odds, probability, stats and every other quantifiable factor all seem to support the Saints chances. And all the other immeasurables such as momentum, fan support and destiny all seem to support the Saints online betting quest for victory as well. So do the Cowboys have any chance at all?

Of course.

The Saints have proven over and over again this season -including several sensational come from behind wins and even an impossible OT victory in Washington that was more divine intervention than football tactics- they have shown that they are the very least vulnerable. The Panthers, Dolphins, Skins and others have provided plenty of tape on how to beat the Saints.

The Cowboys are a talented, if at times self-defeating, team and certainly have as good a chance as any team of beating New Orleans in the gambling online competition. But as we’ve seen so far this season, that chance isn’t really all that good.

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