Steelers Go From Super Bowl Champs to Chumps

steelersThis is not how the Pittsburgh Steelers hoped to open the 2009 NFL betting lines season. Losing their first two out of three games the defending Super Bowl champs now find themselves in a relatively dismal position heading into week four of the NFL betting lines and in a very competitive NFC North, if the ship isn’t righted soon, it could be too late.

NFL lines makers picked this team as one of the Super Bowl favorites heading into the season. On paper this team lost only two few free agents and no one of any confidence. The starting line ups were more or less left intact and young players had developed at several key positions. Yet the team is now 2-1 and looks awful.

The biggest problem perhaps has little to do with the team itself and more to do with the enormous parity in NFL lines. In the free-agency era of the new millennium only one team has repeated as Super Bowl champs, which puts the probability of such success somewhere around 12%.

The fact that the Steelers can’t seem to run the ball also has something to do with the team’s predicament. As does the fact that the defense can’t seem to keep anyone out of the end zone in the final two minutes of an NFL betting odds game.

The bright spot for this team, however, is that they haven’t been outplayed in any of the losses and have instead beaten themselves.

But with Baltimore looking invincible and the Bengals already a game in the division race there is now little room for error the Steelers in their post season quest.

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