Steelers Second Half Defense Worrisome

steelersThe defending Super Bowl Champs have always been a dominant defensive team in the NFL betting lines. The offense has often had a question mark attached to it, but you never had to worry about Blitzburgh’s defense, until this season.

After starting the NFL betting lines season at a disappointing 1-2 the team’s losses can be pinned almost exclusively on the defense. More specifically the losses are a product of defensive melt downs late in the game. This is an in inherently un-Steeler like trait and an issue that is completely new to a team that has year in and year out been among the best units in the NFL.

For anyone that has experience playing the NFL lines the formula a simple and familiar one. The Steelers play the first half wide open on offense, try to get a touchdown or two lead and then eat the clock running the ball in the second half and let the defense hold to lead.

In the two losses this NFL betting odds season Big Ben and company got the requisite TD lead and then watched as the generally solid defense gave up the lead late in the game as both the Bears and Bengals came back to win the fourth quarter.

The same disappointing ending almost came to pass again in week four against the Chargers who scored 28 points in the game’s final 16 minutes.

Some will say that Troy Polamalu’s absence is to blame. That could be. He’ll be back in a week or two and it’s possible his presence will rectify the problem.  And if it doesn’t, the offense is going to have to build bigger leads or it could be a very long season for the Steelers.

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