Super Bowl Odds – NFL Betting Lines

In Indianapolis the football motto that fans have been living and dying by for the past 12 years is: “In Peyton we trust.” Manning is without a doubt the key component to the Colts success and he’ll be the deciding factor in potential Super Bowl odds success next week.

But in the race to credit to the team’s success to QB one very important player is often overlooked in Indy’s victories and that player is pass rusher extraordinaire Dwight Freeney. And just as the team cannot win the Super Bowl odds without Manning, neither can it win the Super Bowl odds without Freeney.

The bad news for the Colts faithful, however, is that Freeney has a very serious sprain in his ankle and likely even torn ligaments. His status is unknown for Sunday’s game but any time you hear a player has torn ligaments it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Freeney is key to an Indy Super Bowl odds victory as the defense will have to put consistent pressure on New Orleans QB Drew Brees in order to disrupt the Saints high-powered offense. The Colts defense is built on speed and cutting off angles and no one embodies that spirit more than the edge rusher Freeney, a perennial Pro Bowler and best pure pass rusher in the NFL.

The Colts defense matches up very favorably with the Saints finesse offense. But without Freeney the team loses consistent pressure on Brees and frees up the blocker that would ordinarily help double the speedy DE. Make no mistake, Peyton Manning is the head of Indy Beast but without Freeney to harass Brees a Colts win seems unlikely.

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