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For online betting NFL fans that love to support the underdog than this year’s Super Bowl online matchup is for you. Consider the ultra-efficient Colts, led by the greatest QB in online betting NFL history full of weapons on both sides of the ball. And then consider the rag-tag Saints, a team that didn’t even have a stadium to play in a few years ago and has never even played in a Super Bowl online competition before this Sunday.

There aren’t many underdog stories more compelling than the Saints because of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy and the franchise’s overall ineptitude in the online betting NFL competition. But it’s the Saints time to shine and contrary to what the bookies have been saying New Orleans will be Super Bowl online champs.

Everyone has focused on what the Saints defense can’t do. The Saints secondary doesn’t cover well and gives up too many yards (235.6 per game). That online betting NFL stat seems like it would play right into the hands of Manning and the pass-happy Colts during the Super Bowl online contest. But what all the online betting NFL sources forget to mention is that the Saints defense is a TO machine (46 TOs this year), leads the NFL in +/- in TOs at +6, and was second in the league in INTs (26).

And as good as Manning is, he also has 17 INTs so far in the online NFL betting action. He threw a 3 INT game as recent as week 14 against Denver and the Saints will force their turnovers in the Super Bowl online action. On offense, the Saints will continue to roll coming close to their online NFL betting post season average of 38 ppg. Without Dwight Freeney harassing him, Drew Brees should have a monster game and led the Saints to Super Bowl online victory.

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