The Mystery Quarterback

eric-mangini-21Eric Mangini, head coach of the Cleveland Browns, has finally decided who will be the starting quarterback to start the game against the Vikings next Sunday. Nevertheless, the Browns are still keeping the news to themselves and won’t release it to the media yet. The NFL betting lines might also take a turn at the last minute because of this.  A meeting with Mangini, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn took place on Tuesday night to talk about the decision.

NFL betting lines makers know that although a formal announcement was not made by the coaching staff of the Cleveland Browns, head Coach Mangini stated that it was simple for the rest of the team to figure out what player would take the position of starting quarterback during practice this week.

The media will be hunting this story that has been kept a mystery so far. The locker room will most likely be harassed by reporters searching for the answer. The NFL betting lines fans are also expecting an answer to be able to place their bets. Mangini believes though that it will be handled as a secret and a mystery until the start of the game.

“I don’t think anybody is in an awkward spot of trying to maintain a competitive advantage,” Mangini said. “We all do that, and that’s all of our goals, trying to do everything we need to do to win the game on Sunday.”

The Cleveland Browns are the only team that’s maintaining secrecy on the matter. The prediction of many is that Quinn will get the opportunity based on the way he performed during the preseason.

Vikings coach, Brad Childress, doesn’t seem to care too much on the NFL betting lines mystery. He claims he has been studying the Browns’ last games and knows everything he needs to know on their contenders. His team is focused and knows what to do and how to do it.

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