There is No Hope in Tennessee

No team has suffered a greater downward NFL betting lines free-fall than the Tennessee Titans. This is a team that a year ago led the NFL in wins and returned a virtually identical roster to this year’s competition. But somewhere in along the NFL betting lines the team forgot how to win and is now the shameful owner of a 0-5 record with very little reason for hope.

NFL lines experts predicted a repeat of last year’s success heading into the season, and why not? The only real personnel loss for the team was all pro DT Albert Haynesworth, a tremendous player, but still just one man. The team also gained a starting WR in Nate Washington and another year of continuity should have further improved the team’s chances of success. But it simply ain’t so.

Some people have blamed the poor results on aging QB Kerry Collins, who is actually having a better statistical season than so far than he did in 2008. The running backs have also gotten off to a strong start, though fizzling in recent weeks. The main difference between this year’s Titans and last year’s is the defensive coordinator. More than any player on the field this team has suffered tremendously with the absence of Jim Schwartz.

It’s not blitzing, it’s not getting pressure on the QB and the secondary is getting picked apart. And with an offense designed to hold leads not play catch up there isn’t much hope for success. Until the philosophy changes this Titan’s squad won’t win another NFL betting odds match up.

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