Veteran QBS could shake up the NFL Draft

The one position that never suffers from oversupply in the NFL betting competition is QB and that’s why they’re such hot commodities in the NFL draft. However, this year is a bit of a rarity according to most NFL betting lines experts as there seems to be an unusually large number of experienced and somewhat successful free agent QBs available right now.

Marc Bulger was just the latest slightly worn but still talented QB to be released into the free agent market and he and his fellow signal callers could have a major impact on the NFL betting action next year as well as the upcoming NFL draft.

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Granted teams at the top of the NFL are not going to pass a potential NFL gambling action superstar like Sam Bradford to sign Bulger (which is precisely why the Rams cut him in the first place) but teams lower down in the draft might look to sign a veteran starter and pass on addressing this position with its early NFL draft picks.

This year’s NFL draft class is not an especially one in terms of QBs, according to most NFL wagering experts, and so it makes since that teams would opt for a proven entity instead of wasting a precious draft pick on player that may never have an impact on an NFL betting line.

Jason Campbell, the former starter for the Washington Redskins is now on the market thanks to the Donovan McNabb trade and although he never had much NFL betting success with his team, many football betting experts credit this to a revolving door of head coaches and offensive schemes. These two players in particular would be much preferable choices for teams looking to spend a late 1st or 2nd round NFL draft pick to get a good backup/potential short term starter than choosing a borderline QB that early.

With Jimmy Clausen the only other QB that grades out anywhere near a first round talent by NFL wagering experts expect to see teams address their QB needs in free agency rather than in the early rounds of the NFL draft.

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