Vikings Showing Cracks Down the Stretch

December 22nd, 2009 by Leave a comment Go to comments

Late December is when you want to be showing signs of coming together as a team, not falling apart. But for the 11-3 Vikings, who just suffered the team’s worst loss of the season, and have lost two of their last three games on the 2009 NFL schedule things have not been good.

With a playoff berth already in the bag and a NFC North division title inevitable it’s not exactly the end of the world. But if you’re Brad Childress, you can’t feel good about the way your team has performed in December.

Injuries have much to do with the team’s recent struggles in the football betting lines. The team lost EJ Henderson for the season and it’s secondary, receiving corps and half of their defensive line has all been questionable over the past few weeks.

That’s a part of the game and everyone familiar with NFL betting lines learns to accept such things. But one thing a coach can’t accept is being shown up by its star player, even if it is Brett Favre.

Childress is in a very bad spot right now and really has no good options. If he penalizes Favre for going against his coaching wishes for a second time this season in the week 15 blowout to the Panthers he’ll certainly lose the next sports betting game with Tevaris Jackson under center.

But if he does nothing he risks losing control of a team that has a very good shot at winning a Super Bowl. Perhaps the whole Favre thing is overblown and winning certainly fixes a lot of problems. But this definitely not the way that the Vikings wanted to close out the season.

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