Will Cleveland Browns finally be a contender in the 2010?

Love or hate the city of Cleveland, even a hater like Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah, would have to admit some respect for the Cleveland Browns fans, the most long-suffering group of football betting supporters in the NFL betting lines community.

These NFL gambling fans have suffered through not one, but two pathetic NFL betting franchises. Ironically, both franchises have been named the Browns and neither has won a Super Bowl betting trophy. But that might finally change as things seem to be finally going in the right direction for this franchise, or at least no longer going in the wrong direction.

Last year the team fired head coach Romeo Crennel and replaces him with Eric Mangini and saw no positive effect whatsoever in the NFL betting lines results. The Man genius will be back again this football betting season but he’ll be kept under a close watch by new football operations guru Mike Holmgren.

Holmgren has proven success in the NFL and has been around a lot of winners of during his tenure in the League and that should provide instant confidence and pay dividends in the NFL gambling results for the Browns. Still, how many Super Bowl betting trophies did the Seahawks hoist under his tenure?

Holmgren has had an immediate positive impact on the team in terms of the personnel package that will be on the field this coming NFL betting lines season. He cut dead weight like QBs, Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, who proved worthless during their NFL betting careers with the Browns. He also brought in some experienced pros like QB Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme, who’ve NFL gambling success in the past but neither is likely to quarterback this team to a Super Bowl.

The biggest impact Holmgren has had so far on this club and its chances of improving its NFL betting lot is his recent draft class. The Browns had arguably the best draft of any NFL betting team snagging top CB Joe Haden, likely starting Safety TJ Ward and perhaps the starting QB of the future, Colt McCoy.

Cleveland won’t win the Super Bowl betting title this season, but it’s in much better position to compete in the NFL odds than it was a year ago.

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