Will the Rams look for offense or defense in the NFL Draft?

As the holders of the first pick overall in the upcoming NFL draft the St Luis Rams are enjoying the spot light and unwelcome attention that has seemed to elude them on the field for the than a decade. Perennially one of the worst teams in the NFL betting lines, this franchise has guaranteed itself great positioning in the NFL draft and become the focus of online betting fans …at least until the draft is over.

What the sports betting universe wants to know is who will the Rams take with the first pick of the 2010 NFL draft. If the team looks to improve its retched defense, among the worst of any team in the NFL betting lines last season it will likely take highly coveted DT Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy; both sure-fire picks according to NFL betting lines experts.

If the team opts instead to upgrade its offense, also among the worst in NFL betting last season, it could go with QB Sam Bradford (the only player that position that grades out as a first-round talent on many football betting experts draft boards). Picking a top DT would be the prudent move and shore a defense that seemed always to be on the wrong side of the NFL betting lines last season.

There would be much less risk involved as most NFL draft experts think either McCoy or Suh are can’t miss, sure fire Pro Bowlers. Taking a QB is a much riskier proposition (think Jeff George) but the football betting upside is also much higher (think Peyton Manning). And for a team that so desperately needs to improve the thought jumping from NFL wagering outhouse to the penthouse with one draft pick must be appealing.

And for a coach who’s got one more season, at best, to start winning in the NFL betting lines, the urgency of the situation would seem to dictate taking a QB. But sports betting fans will have to wait until draft day to which player is taken first and another five months after that to see what kind of impact the player has on the Ram’s NFL betting success.

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