AFC East Analysis for NFL betting

Dustin Keller

Dustin Keller seemed to be quite the sleeper cell last year. This year, however, he’s waking up and the whole NFL betting world is going to see him make his mark.

He was quite the star in Purdue; during his senior year he caught 68 passes for 881 total yards, not to mention 7 touchdowns. The Jets picked up on this guy towards the end of the first round in 08. He was going to be a tough tight end to keep a hold on, and a dangerous player to guard against.

10 weeks later, he has only scored two touchdowns and 13 receptions for 147 yards. Not exactly the best record for someone with such a stellar performance in college. Then, Brian Schottenheimer realized what he was doing wrong. He changed up the strategy on how to use Keller, and in 4 games Keller made twice as many receptions and ran for twice as many yards.

After that, Keller was the guy to find. He helped secure a sudden-death win over the Patriots by keeping the drive going, picking up 16 yards on a 3rd and 15 play, bringing the Jets close enough to score the winning field goal.

So even though Brett Favre is retired finally, and we have yet to see who the next QB will be, we know who he will be looking for to make plays. Not just because of how good he’s become, but also because they have few other real options. The only thing Keller really needs to work on is his blocking. But fortunately for the Jets he’s working on it.

Definitely look for Keller to step up this season. Next to Cotchery he is probably the Jets’ #2 receiver.

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