Chris Henry Dead at 26 Has the Nation Saying RIP Chris Henry

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“Chris Henry Dead” is a headline none of us expected to see. He died Thursday morning at 6:36am the day after receiving injuries during a domestic dispute with his fiancée. The Cincinnati Bengals WR was only 26 years old when doctors pronounced him dead. At some point during this domestic dispute with Loleini Tonga, his fiancée, Chris Henry jumped into the bed of their pickup truck as Loleini was driving away. Apparently, Chris fell out of the truck and suffered “life-threatening injuries”

Henry had had a number of run-ins with the law, being arrested five times, the fifth for an assault charge. He was suspended for half a season along with Titans cornerback Adam Jones, suspended for a full season, as part of the NFL’s toughening policy on conduct. After his fifth arrest, Judge Bernie Bouchard referred to him as “a one-man crime wave.” Naturally, the Bengals let him go. Of course, Henry was crushed as his high school dream of an NFL career was crumbling. He received a second chance and became a reformed man.

Henry sported a new tattoo underneath his left ear qwhich says “Blessed.” When asked about it, he said “I kind of felt like I dug myself out of the hole and started doing the right things… People say ‘How you feeling now Chris? You doing all right?’ I just tell them I’m blessed. That’s why I got it.” Carson Palmer, the Bengals quarterback, was able to testify that Henry had turned things around when asked about him.

To hear Chris Henry dead is most definitely a saddening development in the NFL. It’s heartbreaking to hear that a person who had made mistakes in his past should pass away just as he’s starting on the right path.

Henry led the team in the average yards per catch: 19.7. He suffered a thigh injury early in the season which slowed him down. Nevertheless he still made 12 catches for 236 yards. In his NFL career he played 55 games, scored a total of 21 touchdowns, and a total of 1,826 yards. Now with Chris Henry dead, the Bengals will feel a void in their ranks. Palmer will have to work with a different Cincinnati Bengals WR in his ranks. RIP Chris Henry.

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