Eagles Making huge leap of faith in 2010 NFL Action

July 30th, 2010 by

philadelphia eagles Everyone knows that the most important position in the NFL betting action is a QB. Super bowls are won and dynasties are built around star QBs and the rotten teams all share the common characteristic of not having competent signal caller and keep losing in the NFL odds action until they finally get their “savior” behind center.

So what on God’s green earth would possess a GM to trade away a Pro Bowl QB in his prime like Donovan McNabb? And not just to trade him, but to trade him to a bitter division rival like the Washington Redskins, a team that has loads of talent but has been lacking only a QB in recent years.

Well, that is the question that NFL betting fans have been asking themselves since the day that Andy Reid and the Eagles front office pulled the trigger on the trade that sent McNabb to NFL betting rival, the Washington Redskins.

But this issue isn’t quite so transparent and there are obviously many factors that go into trading away your franchise QB, nonetheless it was still an awfully rare move, one that is seldom if ever seen in the NFL betting action.

The major reason that the team traded away McNabb is that they believe they’ve got another Pro Bowl QB in the wings in Kevin Kolb. While that won’t be known until Kolb gets an NFL betting season or two under his belt he has shown flashes of brilliance in his limited NFL action last season. He set several NFL betting records and passed for 300+ yards in both of his 2009 starts. But he also threw 4 INTs.

But Kolb will have plenty of time to prove himself to Eagles fans and football betting fans and is hardly the only reason that Reid & Co. made the trade. Another issue that factored into the equation was McNabb’s age. He still has few more quality NFL betting seasons in him but obviously the Eagles preferred move him now while he still had trade value rather than run him into the ground.

There is also another interesting theory on why the Eagles traded him specifically to their bitter NFL betting rival the Washington Redskins. By giving the Skins a starter for the next few years at QB they effectively prevented the team from taking one of the highly touted QBs in the 2010 NFL draft, a player, that if he panned out, would end up being a quality starter for a decade, rather than just the few years that Donovan has left in his football betting gas tank.

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