Kickoff 2009: The Wait is Over

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72069073AL_D006Finally, the NFL is rolling into its 90th season. The league of American football that began in 1920 with 11 teams has undergone changes over the past90 years and has grown to 32 teams in two conferences. What started out as the American Professional Football Association soon became known as the National Football League.

The NFL betting lines flourished for 40 years, and then a competitor came around, known as the American Football League. These two leagues competed between each other for the following 10 years, until they merged in what has become one of the most successful business mergers in history.

These two leagues, NFL and AFL, became what we know today as the National Football Conference and American Football Conference, two equally sized divisions of the current National Football League, each having the 16 teams in the NFL betting lines that they have today.

This year, the original teams from the AFL will be celebrating their 50th anniversary, such as the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs (originally the Dallas Texans), the New England Patriots (originally the Boston Patriots), New York Jets (originally the New York Titans), Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers (originally Los Angeles Chargers), and the Tennessee Titans (originally the Houston Oilers).

Also celebrating their 50 year anniversary of their inclusion in NFL betting lines will be the Dallas Cowboys, who will be doing their celebrating by opening up in their brand new stadium for the first regular season game, a perfect anniversary gift.

This year appears to be one of reappearances, as Tom Brady will finally be back with the Patriots, and Brett Favre will be back to play for the Vikings. Michael Vick returns to the NFL only with the Eagles instead of with the Falcons.

So look for the 2009-2010 NFL season to be one of second chances. The action kicks off on Thursday, September 10th 2009. Make sure to take full advantage of the NFL betting lines this season.

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