Mark Sanchez Against the Ravens

mark sanchez ravensJets coach Rex Ryan decided that rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez, will be the starting quarterback next Monday against the fierce Ravens defense. Sanchez will have the chance to be the starter QB for the first time when his team takes on the Baltimore Ravens on what will be the second preseason game for the Jets.

Sánchez will be going head to head against the raging Ravens defense commanded by Ray Lewis. Mark will have to earn his coach’s and teammates trust by demonstrating his best plays. Coach Ryan has not decided yet who will be the starting QB for the regular season.

Sanchez is seeing this as a simple rotation of players, although he does claim to be truly excited with the news.
On the Jets’ first pre-season game against St. Louis, Clemens was the starting QB. Mark went in to launch a pass to David Clowney, his first completion in the NFL and his first gain of 48 yards in an 88 yard drive of 3 passes and 4 downs which resulted in a touchdown.

Sanchez knows that there still a few details to work on to make his game better every day. He is confident that game after game his skills will be on a constant improvement. He believes he has to learn to be faster and let go of the ball faster as well.

On the other hand, Clemens feels comfortable with the news. He knows he has no control over who starts the game. He will concentrate on completing his passes and taking good decisions when he is in the game.

Coach Ryan believes that his decision is one with strong motive. If Sanchez is able to surpass the Ravens defense, then he will be able to do the same with any other.  He knows it will be a great match and that it will be of much more merit for Mark to be able to break through the Ravens wall than with their last contenders St. Louis Rams.

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