NFL Betting Lines: Michael Vick’s Chances This Season

Michael VickAs far as NFL betting lines go, nobody could even begin to imagine the numbers for Michael Vick at the end of the season… People are talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers or the mighty New England Patriots as his top contenders.

For NFL betting lines, many say that he won’t even play at all because nobody will sign him only for six or seven games after he finishes his punishment.

There are plenty of questions in the air about Vick… The biggest question out there is: will he be able to play after almost two years away from the NFL? But for fans of Vick and those looking for him in NFL betting lines, the problem here is not only the concern over the suspension and the dogfighting issues. Fans also now have their attention on his marijuana problems.

Now let’s do this… Let’s calm down and think about this situation. Now that the Minnesota Vikings receive the final “no” from the re-unretired player Brett Favre. They could be looking to hire Michael Vick and if you think it’s a bad idea, allow us to retort.

Should they hire Vick, the Viking offensive line will consist of: Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin; three very good players on the same offensive line which is a can’t-lose NFL betting decision.

Now it’s time to be honest. Tavaris Jackson is not going to take this team to the playoffs any time soon. Neither will Sage Rosenfels. Probably with Brett Favre they could have had a chance to do well in the NFL betting lines, but that’s something we will never know. Just try to imagine how powerful the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line could ultimately be with Vick as their quarterback.

Now this doesn’t mean that he HAS TO sign with the Vikings, or much less that he will, but it just looks like a very good option right now, and Minnesota could benefit from this move.

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