NFL Betting Scouting report in the AFC South

August 10th, 2010 by

afc Everyone who knows anything about NFL betting knows about the curse of the Super Bowl runner up. Almost without fail the year after a team loses a Super Bowl they fall apart at the seams and go from being one of the top two teams in the league to being a division doormat.

But do those same football betting rules apply to the greatest QB in football betting history?

It’s hard to say as Peyton Manning has never lost a Super Bowl before last season and it will be interesting to see how his Indianapolis Colts bounce back. Chances are Indy will be just fine so long as Manning is under center in the NFL betting action ahead. All this guy does is win and even he’s come up short in the big game and has a less than heroic record as starter in the NFL playoff action, no one can argue the fact that he’s the best player in football.

After leading his team to 14-2 record last season and giving up on a shot at perfection the Colts are once again the favorites to win the AFC South. Aside from being a supremely talented team the rest of the division is also awfully mediocre.

The only team that poses any real risk of taking the AFC South NFL betting title from the Colts is the Houston Texans. Houston (9-7) looked on the cusp of a breakout season last year but fizzled down the stretch. With QB Matt Schaub and WR Andre Johnson this offense has the most prolific 1-2 passing combination in football betting. But it’s terribly inconsistent and unless it gets its running game ironed out this a .500 team.

The Titans and Jags look like to bad teams that will have another bad season. Last year the Titans broke even (8-8) after a horrendous start and could be the dark horse in this division and make like difficult for the Colts. Of course this all depends on the play of QB Vince Young; say what you will about his poor stats but the guy finds a way to win.

The Jags are a lost cause and this team will be lucky to duplicate its 7-9 record of a year ago. RB Maurice Jones-Drew is a fantastic player but the team has no passing game and a leaky defense.

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