Odds NFL: Ravens vs Patriots Free Picks Week 6 Lines

October 17th, 2010 by

ravens vs patriotsFar too many NFL betting lines makers are living in the past. The New England Patriots had a great run a few years back and are the closest thing we’ve seen to an NFL dynasty since the 1990’ Dallas Cowboys. But let’s face it, the Pats are on the decline and anyone thinking otherwise is livening in a time capsule.

That the Patriots (3-1) are favored this weekend against the Baltimore Ravens (4-1) is mindboggling …and also a great betting opportunity for football fans.

Kickoff for this Saturday matchup is set for 1:05 Eastern Time and sbgglobal opened with the Patriots as a 2.5-point favorite with an over/under total at 44.5.

There are so many reasons why the Ravens should be favored and the Pats should be the underdogs in the sports betting action that it’s hard to know where to begin.

There are only a couple of reasons that anyone could even possibly thing the Pats will win. Obviously playing at home in Foxboro is a big advantage of for the Pats but that’s about the only really substantial thing that comes to mind.

Tom Brady is not playing like Tom Brady this season and a big part of that is because his O-line isn’t doing a very good job of protecting him. He’s getting hit like crazy and starting to miss open receivers as a result. And to think that that’s magically going to change against a bloodthirsty defense like the Ravens is crazy. And that’s to say nothing of the departure of Randy Moss, who admittedly wasn’t having a great season statistically, but he still led the team in TD receptions (3) and just by being on the field made Wes Welker a Pro Bowler.

The Ravens can afford to cheat up with its safeties now which will not only smother Welker but will also help shut down the running game. And just in case you were interested the Pat’s running is far from intimidating (13th in the league).

And that’s to say nothing about the trouble’s New England’s defense will have with the Ravens balanced offensive attack. The Pats rank 25th in the league in defense, and are equally bad against the run and the pass.

Baltimore should win this NFL betting odds matchup with not much trouble.

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