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August 26th, 2010 by

green bay packers It’s no coincidence that the August 26th Thursday night NFL betting lines matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers has the highest over/under on the board this week. These two teams boast two of the most proficient offenses in the NFL and can aerial supremacy over just about any opposing defense.

Kickoff for this Thursday matchup is set for 8:05 Eastern Time and SBG Global opened with the Packers as a 3.5-point favorite with an over/under total at 44. The crazy thing is that these teams could easily go over the 44 points, and in fact, likely will.

A quick look at the numbers reveals to offenses that have quick strike capabilities and score often. Both of these teams ranked in the top seven last year in the NFL betting lines competition in terms of scoring. The Packers averaged 28.8 ppg (3rd best in the league) and the Colts a healthy 26.0 ppg (7th best in the league). Just going off that information alone a sports betting fan might expect an over/under much higher than 44.

But of course this is a different year and things have changed …the offenses have actually probably improved.

Last year Peyton Manning threw for 282 yards a game while throwing to most first year starters. Receivers like rookie Austin Collie and practice squad player Pierre Garcon came up huge last season and with a year of experience under their belts will only be better this season. Plus, the Colts will have a healthy Anthony Gonzales back in the lineup. If Manning could rack up 4,500 passing yards and 29 TDs with that rag-tag bunch last year, what can he do with an improved group of receivers?

Aaron Rogers and the Packers also put up similarly blistering numbers as he threw for 4,434 yards and 30 TDs while the offense averaged 379 yards a game. Last season was just Rodgers’ second as a starter and the unit should be on even better footing this year as the familiarity between the new QB and his receivers should be at an all time high.

You don’t need to be an expert on sports betting to realize that this is going to be a high scoring affair. Manning and Rodgers are both likely to see around two quarters of action, hopefully the entire first half, before the subs are sent in for mop-up duty. But in those first two quarters look for the offensive fireworks to fly and watch two true masters of their craft at work.

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