NFL Betting Lines Week 2 Patriots @ Falcons Sports Betting

August 19th, 2010 by

atlanta falcons The game for tonight in the 2nd week of the 2010 Preseason match-up for this Thursday night August 19, 2010 at 8 PM EDT and coming to you on National Television with FOX from Atlanta. Both of these teams are 1-0 on the season as we remember that winning for them is not the important factor coming from these preseason games as it is the opportunity to see who’s who at the zoo and what potential the full slate of players on each team has to offer both on offense and defense.

See the NFL Odds on this game from Atlanta tonight in the Georgia Dome. On the other side of the sheet is the fact that both reams had a decent week one in this 2010 preseason and want to perform even better tonight. If you are interested in betting on this game go to sbg sportsbook and log in to your account and be a part of the NFL Betting action at SBG you can get up to a 60% bonus on your first deposit.

This second game for both teams has each team putting their efforts in improving their defensive side of the game. The Patriots are especially interested in the since their shootout with the saints in the 1st game which brought up some questions about the defense. For the Falcons they are also not sure about the defensive abilities as they did not feel the game with the Chiefs provided them with the challenges they needed to face.

For the Patriots to win this game they need to the defensive line to stop the running game of Atlanta which game be very aggressive and opens up the passing game for Ryan of Atlanta. If the Patriots are able to control the running game of the Falcons then the rest of their game plan is predictable and the Patriot then will have a good chance to win this game. Check out the NFL Betting lines on this NFL came for tonight.

The Falcons are very aware that they need a big pass rush from the defense front seven tonight if they want to win this 2nd preseason game. They have to create a system to harass and go after the Patriots QB and especially one of Brady’s statures as in the regular season they will face a very similar situation in the 2 games they have with the Saints and Drew Brees another top rated QB.

For tonight’s game the Odds makers at SBGGlobal have set the lines on this preseason game favoring the Falcons at -2 ½ (-110) and the Patriots +2 ½ (-110) with the Money Line at OV/UN 37 (-110) and for the Money Line the Falcons are (-140) while the Patriots are +120. All Lines subject to change. For an update on the NFL Odds and NFL Betting actions go to

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