Preseason San Diego Chargers at New Orleans Saints Odds

August 27th, 2010 by

san diego chargers The NFL betting lines competition is all about turnover and renewal and it seems that every season there are certain teams that rise and others that fall and that is part of the magic of the what makes the football action so amazing.

Since Drew Brees and Shawn Peyton arrived on the scene the Saints have been a team on the rise. No longer the ‘Aints’, this team made football history last season by winning its first Super Bowl and ensuring it’s place in sports betting legend for years to come.

The Chargers, a team that’s been at the top of the NFL world for a handful of years, unfortunately, looks like it’s on a reverse course at the moment and could soon find itself in the category of NFL has-beens.

When these two teams meet up on Friday August 27th at the Super Dome it will be on two completely different trajectories. While the Saints have had some turnover on the defensive side of the ball and some holes to plug the main corps of players is still intact and with a few additions the offense is likely even better than it was last season. By all indications this Saints team should once again be a Super Bowl contender.

The Chargers on the other hand just can’t seem to get a break in the run up this betting NFL preseason showdown. Star WR Vincent Jackson (1,167 yards last season) continues to hold out and the team may trade him. LaDanian Tomlinson, while aging, was still the team’s leading rusher last season (790 yards) is now gone and an untested rookie, Ryan Matthews will be asked to take over. Rivers is still at the top of his game but he’s missing his starting LT for God knows how long and there’s only so much he can do with the talent around him.

Kickoff for this Friday matchup is set for 7:05 Eastern Time and sbg global opened with the Saints as a 3-point favorite with an over/under total at 42.5. And when the ball is finally kicked off expect the Saints first team to run wild over the Chargers first unit and New Orleans grab the victory in front of the Saints Nation.

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