Buccaneers at Saints preview – Sports Betting

In what may the single cruelest twist of fate this NFL season the hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-12) will make death march into the Super Dome in week 16 to face a very angry –and a very potent- New Orleans Saints (13-1) team. Even in the best of circumstances this would be a slaughter, but coming off the first defeat of the online betting season the Saints will be ready to tear someone’s head off.

The Saints have been the best team in the football betting lines this season and have already embarrassed the Bucs once this season in front of their home crowd. In their own backyard the Saints will take the Bucs behind the woodshed and beat them into submission.

There are endless sports betting stats that could be cited to support the dominance of New Orleans. But to paraphrase just know that the Saints rank in the top five in nearly every offensive stat imaginable; the Bucs in the bottom five of nearly every offensive stat imaginable.

Also the Bucs also happen to be the fourth worst defensive team in the NFL betting lines (26 ppg, 204 pyg, 159 ryg). QB Drew Brees, coming off his worst game of the season should have a field day passing against a terrible secondary with no pass rush and the Saints should also be able to run at will.

No team has ever scored 100 point in an NFL game but there has never been a riper scenario for such an event than this Sunday. This should be the surest bet of the day, pick the saints to have their way with Tampa.