NFL Gambling – Free agency or Draft: What’s the best upgrade choice

NFL DraftEvery NFL gambling franchise is asking itself the same question right now. The NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and the NFL gambling free agency (in a year with no salary cap) just opened. If you’re a team’s GM and you need to upgrade, do you do it through the NFL Draft or do you in free agency?

It’s a tough question and there really isn’t a good NFL gambling answer. More than anything it really depends on the position. For example this year the 2010 NFL draft is rich in WRs and RBs. So if you’re a team looking upgrade at either skill position you’ve got a lot of options.

At WR the free agent class is pretty bare. Aside from Anquan Bolden, who went quickly to the Ravens, the rest of the class is pretty much washed up. And with so many top WRs in the NFL Draft this season a team is better off drafting a player from college rather even if it means waiting a year or two for the player to develop. At RB it’s a bit different because at that position a skilled player can step in on day one and make an impact as a rookie.

But there are also a handful of quality veteran backs available including Thomas Jones. Still when it comes to RBs, youth is always better and generally cheaper. Other positions where rookies can step in immediately and make a difference are linebacker, O-line and in some cases the D-line.

When you factor in the talent of the free agent market and the asking price of the players you’re often better off upgrading in the draft as you can immediate results. But the main advantage of free agency remains the fact that you’re getting a proven quantity where there is always some risk involved in drafting.

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