NFL Odds – Players to watch on NFC Roster Sports Betting

The Pro Bowl may not be the star showcase this year that it has been in recent years but there is still plenty of talent on the rosters. Even with 14 players from the Colts and Saints ineligible to participate and a litany of other stars opting not to play, the rosters are still the best you’ll see in any NFL odds contest this year.

The NFC in particular has some great players on its sidelines, some of the best in sports betting. And as always, it starts with the QB. Aaron Rodgers, while probably not the most popular choice among betting NFL fans, will be the starter as he should be. He’s the best signal caller in the game and deserves to start.

Ever since getting Brett Favre’s starting job he’s had to continually prove himself, and prove himself he has (4,434, 30 TDs, 7 INTs). He could easily be the MVP of this game. The running game for this squad will be led by the 2008 Pro Bowl MVP, Adrian Peterson. It’s unlikely he’ll win the award two years in a row, but he’s a beast no matter where he’s playing and with some defenders simply trying to avoid injury, his physical running style should thrive.

One dark horse candidate to watch on this NFC squad is first timer Miles Austin. This is a guy who has defied all expectations and (1.320 yards, 81 catches) and taken advantage of every opportunity. Watch him to have a big game especially if he’s on the field at the same time as Tony Romo.

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