NFL Playoffs AFC Race – AFC Wild Card

AFCNFL Playoffs action still has many possibilities and questions when it comes to the AFC Wild Card race as the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets control their own destiny but have a host of teams right behind them that can sneak through if they falter.

The Indianapolis Colts have clinched home field advantage in for the AFC side in the NFL Playoffs as South Division champions. The San Diego Chargers will also skip the Wild Card round as the 2nd seed as AFC West Division champions. The AFC’s other two divisional winners, the New England Patriots of the East Division and the Cincinnati Bengals of the North Division will play in the opening round of the NFL Playoffs.

The New York Jets can clinch their spot in the NFL Playoffs with a win at home against the Bengals while the Ravens can clinch their spot in the NFL Playoffs with a win over the Raiders at Oakland.

The Denver Broncos are still in the race for the NFL Playoffs but will need a home win over the Kansas City Chiefs and some help from the Bengals are Raiders. The Houston Texans will try to make their first ever bid into the NFL Playoffs but will need to beat the Patriots and also need help from above. The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to rally for a spot in the NFL Playoffs but it may be too late as they must beat the Dolphins at Miami and get help from their friends against the Jets and Ravens.

For a league that loves parity this season cannot be better in the AFC!

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