SBG Global Scam: Smear Campaign is Unfortunate

October 26th, 2010 by

sbg global sportsbookSBG Global’s track record speaks for itself. As a pioneer of the online betting industry SBG Global has been an international leader of sports betting for more than 15 years. Year after year clients continue to frequent the SBG Global betting site for consistently superior customer choice and satisfaction.

So when viral rumors are spread on the Internet alleging improper payouts by SBG it’s easily dismissed and anyone that has ever bet with SBG can tell you is unfounded and inconsistent with the profile of goodwill that this corporation has built up over the past two decades.

But Cyberspace is the Wild West when it comes to policing truth and unfortunately anyone can post anything at anytime and reach the eyes of billions of Internet users in a few seconds without any regard to the truth.

And with technology and the capabilities of communication devices rapidly improving such lies and misinformation can turn into full blown smear campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In an effort to neutralize these lies with the truth, there has never been any customer service issues and client dissatisfaction as has been posted on various chat rooms and blog postings relating to SBG Global.

The most frequently repeated claim against SBG has to do with an F1 futures payout that was supposedly no paid. That assertion is patently false and the matter was settled in an expedient and proper manner to the satisfaction of all more than a year ago. Why this is even notable or worth repeating is mind boggling.

SBG Global has always been and will continue to be committed to excellence in both wagering options and customer satisfaction. Dedicated sports bettors across the globe have made this company one of leaders in online sports wagering and the success of SBG Global has been built on the repeat business of thousands of satisfied repeat customers.

And that loyalty has been repaid by continual improvement of SBG’s services including the acquisitions of additional online betting sites and customer service infrastructure.

SBG Global continues to grow and increase its capacity to provide customers with what they want and despite what you may see on some web postings that will never change.

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