Sports Betting – AFC Championship NFL Odds

The AFC Championship isn’t shaping up to be much of a game, at least in the sports betting lines. The Colts are favored by 7 ½ points and that could stretch even farther by kickoff. The NFC championship, though, is a much tighter affair in the NFL odds with the home team Saints favored by a slim four points.

But the real betting lines action to keep an eye on in this contest is the over/under. Right now the magic number seems to be around 56 ½ points. A quick look through the stats reveals that that might be a very conservative number considering the bloated scores both these teams hung on the scoreboard in the divisional round of the NFL wagering playoffs.

The Vikes are coming off a very complete 34-3 trouncing over the Dallas Cowboys, the best opponent that either team has faced in the playoffs this season. The Saints are also coming off an offensive explosion after they humiliated the Arizona Cardinals 45-14 in last week’s action. These teams combined to score an impressive 79 points in the those two games, that a far cry from the predicted 56 points that odds makers are putting out there for the over/under.

Granted, conditions will be much different on Sunday. The Saints will be playing against one of the best defenses in football, not the Cardinals unit that set a record for playoff futility by giving up 45+ points in back to back post season games. But nonetheless these offenses can both put up points in a hurry. Regardless of who you might think will win, the best bet on this game might just be the over/under.

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