Sports Betting – Defensive Freeney injured for the Colts Super Bowl Lines

Peyton Manning is not only most important player on the Colts but arguably in all of sports betting as his fourth and most recent NFL MVP award would attest. And as QB is the most important position in football, Drew Brees is the most important player on his Saints squad by large margin.

But the third most important player either Super Bowl lines roster will not likely even play in Sunday’s sports betting extravaganza. Colts DE Dwight Freeney is not only the best DE in the game but he’s revolutionized the position since coming into the league in 2002. He’s also currently the owner of one very severely sprained ankle with a torn ligament that will likely keep him out of the Super Bowl lines competition.

The Colts have known about the injury since it happened in the AFC Championship game but sports betting fans are just learning the extent of it. He hasn’t practiced since the injury occurred and even if he does get in Super Bowl lines contest he’s likely to be rusty. According to various reports by physicians familiar with this type of injury the most hopeful scenario would be Freeney seeing limited action on a few third downs or other obvious pass rush situations in the sports betting.

The loss of Freeney cannot be overstated. For the Colts defense to be effective against a white-hot Drew Brees and Co. in the Super Bowl lines they have to pressure him early and often. DE Robert Mathis is one of the best in the game at this and Raheem Brock is a worthy sub, but there is no replacing a player like Freeney, especially on a stage as large as the Super Bowl lines.

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