Sports Betting – Eagles must stop Romo in the NFC Wild Card

You can be forgiven if you think you’ve misread the NFC wildcard lineups for this weekend. Both games are rematches of week 17 sports betting lines and the Cowboys and Eagles are among the four teams that will play each other in back to back weeks when they face off in the NFL odds on Saturday.

Same opponent, same stadium, but the Eagles are desperately hoping for a different result. The Eagles lost the week 17 betting lines matchup in Dallas on both sides of the ball. The offense failed to execute when it had the opportunity but the Cowboys also did a very good job taking away big plays. But if Philly is to prevent the ‘Boys from winning three in a row in this NFC East matchup it must start with the defense and that means shutting down QB Tony Romo.

Easier said than done. Romo has been the best QB in NFL wagering over the past month and every game he seems to get better. He finished the regular season with 4483 yards and an exceptional TD/INT ratio of 26/9. And in December he’s been almost perfect as noted in his stat line from last week: 24-34, 311 yards and 2 TDs.

Still Romo has a history of choking in big games late in the season and won’t shake that tag until he wins at least one playoff game. That seems likely with the emergence of Austin Miles and a talented receiving corps to go with a strong ground game that look destined to put the Cowboys on the path to victory for a third time this year against the Eagles.

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