Sports Betting – Manning can’t avoid the “choker title”

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A Super Bowl victory can cure a lot of ills. But a loss in sports betting’s biggest game can be nearly as damaging as a win is curative. Take the case of Peyton Manning. In his first nine years in the NFL sports betting competition he put up some very impressive individual stats but despite great success in the regular season he was routinely bounced in the sports betting playoffs and never really came close to sniffing the Super Bowl stats competition.

But when he finally won on sports betting’s biggest stage he was instantly vindicated for all his past failures not and for not having qualified for the Super Bowl stats in his previous nine seasons.

He emerged from Tom Brady’s shadow and that single win in the Super Bowl stats propelled him to saintly status. But just as quickly, after the loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium (formerly Land Shark Stadium, formerly Dolphins Stadium, formerly whatever, etc, etc) the whispers of ‘choke artist’ and ‘failure’ gained currency again on the fringe of sports betting fandom.

And with good reason. As a starter in the NFL no one has won more regular season games during Manning’s 12-year span. But in the post season Manning led teams are just 9-9; a meager .500. And nothing is more reflective of this mediocrity than the 1-1 record in the Super bowl stats. Manning is still likely the greatest QB ever. But it’s going to take some time, and possibly another Super Bowl trophy to rehab his big game image.

  1. Jon
    February 10th, 2010 at 06:07 | #1

    “Manning is still likely the greatest QB ever.”


    You Manning worshipers START with that CONCLUSION and then spin the facts to support it.

    Manning is nowhere NEAR the best quarterback ever.

    He’s an awkward goof who happens to play on talented teams.

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