Sports Betting – NFC Championship NFL Odds

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The Vikings have been the Super Bowl three times. That’s a great accomplishment in sports betting but unfortunately for the Vikings fans the team’s Super record is a perfect 0-3. If the franchise is finally to hoist the Lombari Trohpy this NFL odds season there’s a couple things it needs to do, and do well in order to achieve this dream.

First, the team’s rabid pass rush has to put Drew Brees on the artificial surface and keep him running all day. Brees has a quick release and plenty of hot targets so it’s not all that easy to get him to the turf. But the Vikings have the best bunch of sack masters in the betting lines and the regular season total of 48 sacks (and 5 in the divisional round of the NFL wagering against the Cowboys) is a testament to this unit’s ability.

Short of sacking Brees, if the Vikes can simply flush him out of the pocket the Saints chances of success drop precipitously. They simply cannot let him get comfortable in the pocket. New Orleans also has a strong running game and this will take some of the sting out of the Vikings blitz and this team cannot get fooled by the play action.

On offense the Vikings will be able to score. All the buzz has been about the Brett Favre and how well he’s been playing. But the success of the Viking’s offense will rest on the shoulders of RB Adrian Peterson. He’s a physical runner and if he can put his pads on the Saints defenders early and get some big gains on early downs, it will be demoralizing and make Favre’s job much easier.

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