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The offense spectacle that the New Orleans Saints put on last week was just about as close to perfection as a team can get in the post season. The team threw the ball down field with near perfection, ran all over the defense and even pulled a rabbit out of the hat with a punt returned for a TD.

But you also have to take into account that performance was against a team that gave up over 45 points a game in the sports betting playoffs. No team is going to score 45 points on a smothering Vikings defense any time soon. For the Saints to triumph in this weekend’s NFL odds it must neutralize Minny’s vaunted pass rush.

Get big chunks on first down plays running the ball will help tremendously toward this end. The Saints have the personnel to run against the Vike’s talented front seven and will have to gain yards on the ground early on first and second downs to eliminate the third-and-longs when the pass rush thrives.

Also, QB Drew Brees is at his worst when he’s pressured out of the pocket and the O-line must give him time to pass. On defense the same rules apply and if the Saints, mediocre pass rush can get to Brett Favre and make him feel the ache of his 40 year-old bones slamming on the dome floor, they’ve got a good chance to throw the Vikings offense out of rhythm.

All-world RB Adrian Peterson hasn’t gone over 100-yards in over a month and the Saints will need to keep him under the century mark as well. Short of sacking Favre they must also pressure him into making poor throws, something no team in NFL wagering has been able to accomplish so far.

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