Sports Betting – NFL Playoffs

This is what the fans in the Big Easy had been waiting a month to see. And for all the fans and critics out there that already chiseled the tombstone for the New Orleans Saints after they dropped three games in a row before the NFL playoffs…you may want to rethink your prognosis.

There was no team that was as dominant or that thoroughly destroyed their opponent in such a way as the Saints. To set the table, the Saints entered the post season looking like a team that run out of luck on a three-game skid. The Cardinals came into this divisional sports betting matchup looking like the offense that couldn’t be stopped after hanging 51-points on the second best defense in the NFL.

Who would have guessed it? The Saints defense looked like the Steel Curtain and the offense seemed to have tractor beam lock on the end zone. Drew Brees was phenomenal as always (23-32, 247 yards, 3 TDs), and Reggie Bush played the game of his life with 80 plus yards rushing and catching to go with a punt return TD, but it was the defense that stole the show.

In the regular season, especially the second half, this unit was mediocre at best and ranked in the bottom half of the league in passing defense. You wouldn’t know it on Saturday as the coverage down field was like a wet newspaper and the front seven of the Saints was in Kurt Warner’s grill all day long. The final score was 45-14 but it seemed like it could have been even worse.

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