Sports Betting Odds – Buccaneers at Seahawks… NFL Odds

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It has not been a good sports betting odds year to be a Seahawks (5-8) fan or a Buccaneers (1-12) fan. For the Bucs the season was more or less expected with major coaching changes and a major lack of talent well advertised before the season began. But for the Seahens, the 2009 season started with much optimism only to be derailed by injuries and poor execution.

And so when these two last place NFC teams meet up in week 15 in the sports betting much of the world outside of the Puget Sound and Tampa Bay area will be asking: who cares?

Even from a sports betting odds stand point this game isn’t all that interesting. But it could be a good sportsbetting odds opportunity.The home team Seachickens are favored by 6 ½. That’s an accurate pick of the winner but the margin seems a bit off.

As bad as Seattle is, this team is certainly more than a touchdown better than the struggling Bucs. The Bucs haven’t a single bright spot on either side of the ball. The Seahawks can put the ball in the end zone on offense and the team’s defense is quietly underrated.

While this will hardly be an exhibition of NFL prowess it could be a smart move to take the Hawks to cover the spread. Playing at home in miserable weather ought to be a decided advantage against a team from Florida accustomed to playing 80 degree temperatures. There is certainly more exciting games on the board but this just might be the smarter game to wager on.

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